Indian Insurtech: Overview & Trends

published By Abishek Chopra , Aakanksha Sharma , October 18, 2023

Insurance is a key pillar of financial planning and security and is witnessing significant changes in India. The rise of InsurTech is reshaping the traditional insurance model, introducing innovative and efficient solutions in the value chain of insurance.

With an abundance of historical and real-time data, coupled with advancements in AI, the Indian InsurTech sector has made significant strides in improving underwriting, optimizing claim processes, and utilizing data analytics to provide customized policy options. This has made the Indian InsurTech landscape dynamic and promising. 

Whether you’re deeply embedded in the insurance world, exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, or just keen to understand the changes in the insurance landscape, our report provides a concise overview.

Our report delves into a comparison of the insurance sector and its penetration across economies, funding trends in the world and in India, Indian insurance sector and its value chain, key drivers of health insurance and the major trends that are defining the InsurTech space in the country.

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