backing bold ideas from zero to one with speed with intelligence with global networks

nothing is too early for us,
including a plan on a paper napkin!

where we invest

we are a sector-agnostic fund investing in global tech companies built by indian founders

how we invest

we come in as the first institutional investor with cheques between $1M and $3M

who are our founders

from students to CXOs to 2x entrepreneurs, our founders' capability is not just from # years, but big vision, unique insights & obsession to create

let your vision take flight, with us as co-pilots

backing the visionaries of the future. we support early stage startups that are reimagining the world we live in, one disruptive idea at a time.

Pitch to us


What is your investment philosophy?

We are passionate about empowering the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs. We seek founders who want to disrupt traditional industries or create new markets through technology. We partner with mission-driven teams who are attempting to create category leading companies. Our focus is exclusively on seed-stage investments.

What stages of companies do you partner with?

We prefer to be the first institutional partners for your company in its early days. Paper plan, pre-product or early monetization are all stages of companies we have invested in.

What is your due diligence process?

Our due diligence is focused on answering three questions:

What is the significant unmet need of the users that you are addressing?
What is your solution that is superior to existing offerings?
What makes you the best team to deliver this offering, to this target market?

We understand that you may not have all the answers at the time of speaking with us. We are happy to collaborate with you in the process of discovering them.

What is the timeline for funding decisions?

We approach our investment decisions with utmost transparency, intellectual honesty and speed. We have completed end-to-end diligence in less than a week for a few of our portfolio companies. We generally take a call in 2 to 3 weeks.

We work closely with you, and communicate transparently even if we do not invest. Our goal is to ensure that your time invested delivers some value to you.

How do you support portfolio companies after investment?

We take a hands-on approach to support you in your pursuit of category creating companies.

Seed Focus: We do not treat investments as optionality bets. We work alongside founders on market strategy, hiring, fundraising from day 1

Global network: We leverage our network of investors, industry experts, advisors, and potential hires across India and the US for our founders.

Resources: We provide our portfolio companies with access to proprietary research and data and network of partners

Community: We have a strong community of our founders and executives who connect with each other and share knowledge and best practices. This community provides valuable support and insights to founders as they scale their businesses.