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"Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one's monopoly"


Abishek is an early-stage Investment Professional at Venture Highway. He looks at Enterprise SaaS, InsurTech, LogisticsTech and Platforms

Prior to joining Venture Highway, Abishek was a part of the Investment Team at TVS Capital for 2 years, where he closely tracked and evaluated Series A/B companies in Insurance, LogisticsTech, B2B marketplaces & SaaS and also held a board position. Before TVS Capital, he spent 2 years at Barclays in a risk management role for a trading desk, making GBP 100M in annual trading profits.

Abishek also actively writes on SuccSaaS, a community for SaaS operators, where they discuss All Things SaaS - from roles in SaaS companies to how to look at metrics to breaking down stories of SaaS products and businesses.

Abishek is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst (Charter Pending) and also holds a B.Com from Madras University.

why seed investing

I was lucky to get a computer early in my life and was fascinated with how technology could solve numerous problems, enable remote collaboration and enhance productivity & efficiency. Being born in a business family, you naturally get to learn about various aspects of business. I remember learning sub-consciously about procurement, distribution, marketing, cost optimization and last but not the least about cost of capital. Thanks to CA, I got exposure to investing and became a firm believer in patient investing.

At the intersection of technology, business and investing, I found Private Equity & Venture Capital a strong career choice and continued on the path.

I enjoy talking to business builders, understanding their inspirations & motivations, and observing their passion, zeal, grit and determination to push beyond boundaries and make possible what may seem impossible to most.


Akio Morita, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Rafael Nadal, M.S Dhoni, Lionel Messi, and Michael Jordan

other interests

cricket, badminton, basketball, chess and travel