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"Venture Investing is a powerful profession. You get to promote your worldview and influence billions of lives. And as our friendly neighbourhood spiderman says - With great power comes great responsibility"


Parth is a science guy turned chemical engineer turned management consultant turned venture capitalist.

Coming from a family of medicos, Parth chose to follow his affinity towards mathematics by choosing engineering as his career path. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur with a B.Tech. degree in Chemical Engineering.

He published 4 international research papers with multiple citations during his time at university.

While he was close to his major, he always enjoyed business problem solving more than core chemical engineering. After interning at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories and getting a PPO, he decided to take the management route while working as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company. At Bain, he worked with many private equity and hedge funds and helped them evaluate multiple unicorn making deals.

To pursue his passion in early stage technology investing, he joined Venture Highway as an investment professional, where he leads sourcing, evaluation and portfolio management across sectors such as Infra SaaS, Applied AI, Healthcare, and Web3.

why seed investing

When Parth came to IIT Kanpur, he did not know a lot about entrepreneurship.

He joined IIT Kanpur's entrepreneurship cell during his first year, and by the third year, he became the overall coordinator of E-Cell, where he led a 4-tier team of 150 students promoting entrepreneurship in the campus.

The role gave him the opportunity to closely work with multiple VCs and learn more about the startup ecosystem. At Bain, Parth was a part of Bain's Private Equity Group, where he evaluated category creating companies in social commerce, vernacular social media, SaaS, and value based care. Realizing his calling for enabling founders building businesses around innovative technologies from India, he decided to join the venture capital industry, and consequentially, Venture Highway.


my mother, friends, family, and founders.

other interests

adventure sports: skydiving, cliff jumping, kayaking, deep sea diving, paragliding, etc. fitness dance.