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Emitrr is a SaaS platform that provides automated customer engagement software for small businesses. It integrates with scheduling software, PMS, EMR, and local industry CRMs. Emitrr’s features include sending reminders and following up with text messages, reducing no-shows by an average of 90%, and real-time conversion metrics.


Anmol Oberoi

Co-Founder and CEO

Pulkit Gambhir

Co-Founder and CTO

“Venture Highway partnered with us in our journey since pre-product market fit and has played an instrumental role in helping us scale from below 30k in ARR to north of $1M ARR. It is very important to have a good sounding board by you during the ups and downs of the journey because it is easy to lose focus on what's important for the company, while you are working on identifying PMF, GTM and more. Venture Highway has played the role of a perfect sounding board for us and has continued to believe in us since day 1.”


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1+ years of experience / Remote /

1+ years of experience / Remote