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"Pessimists sound smart. Optimists make money"


Akul is a part of the Investment Team at Venture Highway. He looks after Commerce, FinTech, ClimateTech, Consumer, EdTech, and Platforms and Services.

Prior to joining Venture Highway, Akul focused on ConsumerTech investing at Kalaari Capital. Before Kalaari, He advised private equity funds on their transactions at KPMG.

Akul is steering Knowledge Capital, a 700 member community of investment professionals, creating a newsletter to help people secure opportunities in VC and startups.

As an undergrad, Akul founded Digital Dadd, a startup mitigating digital addiction, and Red Herring Ventures, a pro-bono startup advisory initiative to help fledgling collegiate enterprises in their pursuit of scale. He was recognised as 25 Under 25 and 21 Under 21 at Delhi University for his initiatives.

Akul is graduate of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and has passed the CFA Level 3 exam.

why seed investing

Growing up in the agricultural state of Punjab, I learnt the importance of fertilizers to catalyse growth at the heels of those farmers, marvelling at the green revolution's impact on the state's prosperity and our nation's food security.

In college in Delhi, I was exposed to venture capitalists. Fascinated by their vision and determination to cultivate innovation, I found myself curious about startups.

I delved deeper, learning from veteran investors and operators, and built 2 collegiate organisations that impacted 5,000+ students and 10+ startups.

The energy was infectious. Curiosity transformed into passion.

Inspired by the parallels between nurturing crops and nurturing startups, I embarked on a journey to fertlize the seeds of innovation and cultivate a harvest of groundbreaking ideas as a VC.

Talented founders inspire me with their passion and vision, keeping me bullish on the future of innovation and positive change. The privilege of being a part of their journey, helping turn their ideas into reality motivates me to embrace the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

I am bullish on India's startup revolution: The next evolution for innovation and growth.


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