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Kintsugi is a cloud-based platform for sales tax management. It enables businesses to automate the identification of economic/local incidence of tax (nexus), registration, computation & filing of sales tax returns in each jurisdiction. Kintsugi’s product suite consists of API integrations to billing, CRM & HR platforms to capture data at its origination, automated workflows allowing businesses to act on their sales tax obligations, and a fine-tuned LLM to support personnel involved in sales tax compliance.


Pujun Bhatnagar

Barkin Doganay

Jeff Gibson

“Collaborating with Venture Highway has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for Kintsugi’s founders. They were one of our earliest and most steadfast investors, providing unwavering support and mentorship. Their belief in our vision not only validated our efforts but also offered a solid foundation for our journey. Their valuable insights and expertise proved invaluable as our product evolved. Venture Highway isn't just a financial partner; they're committed to sharing both the challenges and triumphs of our entrepreneurial journey. As we navigate the evolving landscape of scaling and refining our offerings, having a dependable and insightful partner like Venture Highway, led by Rahul and Abishek, is reassuring.”

Our motive for investing

Venture Highway invested in Kinstugi due to its strong vision, exceptional team, and groundbreaking technology. This platform is poised to revolutionize sales tax compliance and streamline financial processes for businesses.



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Software Engineer Intern

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1+ years of experience / Remote /

1+ years of experience / Remote