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published By Parth Chhaparwal , Priya Mohan , May 6, 2024

What’s common between Freshworks, Postman, Chargebee, and the ten other Indian SaaS unicorns? Collectively, these companies command a social media following with over 3 million users connected to them across various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Meta. In today’s digital age, social media platforms have emerged as the primary channel for businesses to engage with their target audience. The interactions between these businesses and their social media followers generate an immense amount of data, which serves as a valuable resource for identifying and understanding the key characteristics of their potential customers, including demographics, professional roles, and online behavior.

Leveraging this data derived from social media interactions can significantly improve lead generation for businesses. Traditional lead generation methods such as broad advertising, email marketing, cold outreach, and event attendance are becoming less effective. These methods often require casting a wider net, resulting in higher customer acquisition costs (CAC). Instead, if businesses focus their efforts on identifying specific actions on social media platforms that indicate a high intent to purchase, they can prioritize leads who are closer to making a purchase and tailor their marketing and sales efforts accordingly. Engaged buying via capturing the purchase intent on these platforms can lead to 1) a higher accuracy in identifying business leads and 2) lower CACs.

However, capturing business leads on social media is challenging. There are three key hurdles that businesses have to solve:

  1. Planning content and engaging with social media followers across platforms

The first challenge businesses face is creating valuable content and engaging with their diverse social media audience. To achieve effective engagement, companies need tools that generate content tailored to different platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Meta) and cater to specific demographics, job titles, and positions (recruiter, account executive, developer, etc.). The integration of Generative AI in social content creation allows businesses to scale the production of personalized content for various customer segments and platforms. While current tools support content repurposing across platforms, there’s a growing demand for solutions enabling content personalization based on individual follower profiles, ensuring more relevant and impactful engagement.

  1. Identifying & engaging with business leads through social listening

After posting relevant content across different channels, the next challenge is to identify high-intent potential customers from a sea of passive social media users who have interacted with the content across various platforms. This is addressed with social listening, which involves tracking and analyzing brand-relevant activity on these platforms. Existing social listening and monitoring tools primarily focus on brand and competitor mentions, and relevant keywords. However, to accurately define the ideal customer profile from social media data, tools must evolve to place followers at the center of attention rather than the brand. There’s a pressing need for a tool that delves deeper into follower insights, enriching the lead persona and enabling the creation of a targeted strategy to engage these potential leads effectively.

For instance, when marketing a SaaS tool for recruiters, sales and marketing teams typically search for recruiters on platforms like LinkedIn. With advanced social listening and sentiment analysis tools, they can identify recruiters who express dissatisfaction with competitor tools, indicating a higher purchase intent. This allows for a focused approach to discovering leads with greater potential.

  1. Qualifying leads using a CRM

The final hurdle is converting engaged leads into customers. The current ecosystem of tools for this stage is disjointed, as businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage leads and separate inbox and messaging tools for lead interactions. 

An integrated CRM that combines the initial two steps and offers an end-to-end solution for the entire lead identification and qualification process would streamline operations and unlock substantial value for organizations.

Highperformr, a social CRM for capturing active business leads from social media audiences

Highperformr is an AI-driven social CRM designed to empower businesses in optimizing their social media presence, profiling their followers, identifying key customer personas, and engaging with them at scale. Highperformr’s suite of tools is aimed at shifting traditional focus from mere social media management to lead generation. These tools streamline content creation and distribution across all social media platforms, simplifying the process of handling various channels and content formats, all with the goal of focused lead generation and customer data enrichment 

Built as a CRM with AI-enabled data management capabilities, Highperformr facilitates personalization and valuable insights generation across channels, ensuring a comprehensive approach to social media lead generation and engagement. 

It empowers businesses to pinpoint and concentrate on 100 top-tier leads rather than sifting through the noise of 1,000 potential leads generated by traditional sources and tools, ensuring a more targeted and effective lead-generation strategy. The potential impact created by the tool is three-fold:

  1. Elevated Content ROI: AI-generated content tailored to different platforms and audiences will drive higher engagement on posts. This increased engagement will contribute to enhanced brand building and improved SEO for businesses.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Decentralizing content creation from a dedicated social media manager to any team member will result in a marked increase in both the quantity and quality of content produced and distributed
  3. Optimized Customer Acquisition Costs: Engaged buying and focused lead generation will lead to reduced customer acquisition costs compared to traditional methods.
  4. Top-Line Growth: The identification of additional business leads through social media will expand a company’s customer base, directly contributing to increased top-line growth. 

“Today, nearly every person in a company’s CRM has a social footprint, and their social activity can provide insight and context that can help spark meaningful conversations. AI makes it possible for sales teams and businesses to identify, follow, and engage with their potential customers on social platforms. In addition, GenAI tools make it easy to write personalized posts that will draw these prospective customers into a conversation. Highperformr works at the intersection of all this – building a product that brings together GenAI and LLM to create a Social AI CRM that helps companies drive business from social media platforms.”

Founders, Highperformr

Sri and Ramesh: A powerhouse duo set to revolutionize the social AI space

We are proud to partner with Srivatsan and Ramesh, and we believe this is the perfect team in terms of talent, experience, and purpose to build the next generation of CRMs. What we really like about this team is their synergy as a “yin-yang” combination, with their strengths perfectly complementing each other. Their organic partnership and prior experiences in building and scaling CRMs, coupled with their deep understanding of growth marketing and social media ROIs, indicate excellent founder-market fit, a clear building rationale, and valuable product and go-to-market insights.

  • Srivatsan is a leader in tech and product development. He joined Freshworks during its early days and led the development and launch of Freshsales, as well as creating the unified customer record strategy. He has been a part of numerous upscale projects over his decade-long journey at Freshworks. Prior to Freshworks, Srivatsan started CloudNucleus Technologies, building backup and recovery software, which was acquired by Vembu Technologies in 2011.
  • Ramesh is a leader in sales and marketing. Having spent over 7 years at Freshworks, he has led multi-functional teams and has been critical in scaling Freshworks to its IPO. He had introduced AI into marketing at Freshworks, leading to substantial ROI and revenue growth. Prior to Freshworks, Ramesh worked at Google, Sulekha, and Rediff in strategy, revenue, and operations roles. As an experienced growth marketer, he brings a deep understanding of lead generation strategies across various social channels.

“​​Over the last year, we’ve noticed how B2B Marketing is broken and that businesses need to engage leads consistently. They need to have meaningful conversations before being able to make a pitch to these leads and make a sale. Social platforms are where these conversations happen. However, businesses today use social media primarily for branding, and social media management tools are built to assist companies with brand awareness and content distribution. We have set out to build a comprehensive native AI product that brings together social media management, lead generation, and customer relationship management.” 

Srivatsan Venkatesan, Highperformr

The journey begins: Product Hunt launch and beyond

Over the past two quarters, the team has made remarkable strides, launching 40+ free micro apps that serve as the cornerstone of their Social CRM. To better understand how businesses interact with AI tools and how this would evolve, Highperformr strategically released these Micro Apps on Product Hunt, where they quickly rose to become the #1 product of the day and #3 product of the week. The insights gained from this initiative have been instrumental in shaping and refining the design of their Social CRM.

“Highperformr has already reached the first major milestone in this journey with the launch of Highperformr for Teams, a social media management platform that enables collaboration among teams looking to elevate their social presence at scale.”

Ramesh Ravishankar, Highperformr

If you are a business owner who would like to streamline the lead identification and generation process for your business from your social media handles, try out Highperformr or reach out to Sri/Ramesh to learn more.

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