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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence." - Albert Einstein


Siddhi is an investment professional at Venture Highway, looking at investments and portfolio management in frontier tech, consumer tech, and B2B sectors.

Her journey in the captivating realm of early-stage startups commenced at GOAT Brand Labs, a growing house of brands startup where she served as a founding team member. In this role, she served as a key business leader for the premier consumer brands within the portfolio, spearheading initiatives that included launching new categories and channels, thereby setting the brands on a trajectory toward monumental success. Siddhi also played an instrumental role in crafting portfolio strategy, overseeing fundraising efforts, and nurturing investor relations.

Before her foray into the startup ecosystem, Siddhi honed her analytical acumen as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. There, she tackled multifaceted problem statements spanning cost rationalization, growth strategies, market entry initiatives, and investment strategies across diverse industries.

Siddhi holds an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and a dual degree in energy engineering from IIT Bombay.

why seed investing

Growing up in a bustling joint family of entrepreneurs, I've always thrived on the lively dinner table discussions revolving around various businesses. What's truly fascinating is how certain principles remain constant, yet it's the unique nuances of each industry that propel an entrepreneur and their venture from good to exceptional.

From imbibing these foundational business principles, which transcend industries, during my tenure at McKinsey, to actively leading and executing strategies at GOAT Brand Labs, I discovered my passion for positively shaping the emerging business ecosystem.

I firmly believe that grasping human behavior and employing first principles thinking can unlock tremendous value. As an early-stage investor, I have the privilege of applying these principles while fueling the growth of transformative businesses and visionary founders. The unwavering enthusiasm and vision of these entrepreneurs are incredibly inspiring. Playing a part, no matter how small, in bringing their dreams to fruition is what drives me.

I am deeply convinced that India offers boundless opportunities, particularly during these transformative couple of decades. Investing in this dynamic landscape feels not just right, but essential.


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