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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”
- Winston Churchill


Siddhant is part of the investment team at Venture Highway, looking at investments and portfolio management in Enterprise and Infra SaaS, AI/ML, Dev tools, Gaming and Cybersecurity.

Siddhant, a techie at heart, embarked on his journey in the dynamic world of startups with a passion for technology. His career path led him to the heart of innovation, Silicon Valley, where he immersed himself as a Machine Learning Engineer at, a leading location mapping and logistics enabler startup.
Here, Siddhant found himself amidst a confluence of brilliant minds in AI and software development, collaborating and learning from the best in the field.

At, Siddhant's role extended beyond technical expertise. He took on the role of handling business challenges, fundraising initiatives, and overall startup GTM strategy. This experience ignited his fascination with the interplay between ideas, founders, startups, and investment landscape in the Bay Area, shaping his trajectory towards becoming deeply entrenched in the venture
capital ecosystem.

Prior to his Silicon Valley stint, Siddhant played a part in shaping product direction at Apollo 24/7, particularly in their SKU discovery and search vertical. His tenure at Delhivery, a pioneering logistics tech startup in India during its nascent stages, further honed his analytical and business skills. Siddhant's
experiences during his college days, including roles at KPMG, PwC, and Deloitte, provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by Indian businesses, enriching his perspective as he delved deeper into the startup world.

Siddhant is a graduate from IIT Delhi.

why seed investing

Growing up in a family of doctors, it fascinated me how they could diagnose symptoms and prescribe the right treatment almost instantly. I believe startups like humans are living entities, having their own persona and journey of life. This ability to make the right call when everything depends on it is something nestled deep inside me.

Despite my fascination with medicine, I ventured into engineering, where I was introduced to the world of computers. From the moment I laid hands on my first computer, I was hooked. Coding became not just a hobby but a passion, and technology became something I continuously geek out on. But even as I dived deeper into the intricacies of engineering, the culture of prognosis never left me.

My journey into seed investing was a natural progression, fuelled by my love for technology and startups. I was lucky to work in startups during their nascent stages, exposing me to the raw energy and determination of founders.
Witnessing their struggles and triumphs up close made me realise the true essence of starting up.

Seed investing, to me, is not just about providing capital, but also
about believing in founders when few others do, helping them take the first step and accompanying them in the backseat through the crests and troughs on their journey from 0-1.


Jensen Huang, Lionel Messi, Andrew Ng and my parents

other interests

Tennis, Badminton, Mimicry, Football, Painting and MMA.