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"Code talks to machines,
Stories talk to humans,
Math talks to the universe,
Master all 3, and you will be unstoppable."


I tried to write an inspiring origin story of why I became a VC, but I really don't have one

I was lucky enough to have amazing parents who thought I should get a Lego set when I was 2. Hooked by its creative possibilities, I think it taught me how to think out of the box. Soon after, I fell in love with books.

I especially fell in love with human stories. I aspired to be a historian but was told that science may have slightly better career opportunities. In search of these opportunities, I found physics.

I still do love physics, but the pull of creating and working with humans was too strong. A few college startups and an investing internship later, I accidentally found myself at the intersection of startups and investing.

why seed investing

I was lucky enough to be doing 0 to 1, which is the first chapter of iconic startup histories. Google's garage, Flipkart's rundown bookstore, Facebook's dorm, all happened in the 0 to 1.

I hope to one day tell such iconic stories saying "I was there".

I believe there are a few traits the key characters of these stories tend to have. Resilience to go through the troughs of starting up. Passion to solve a very large and difficult problem. Vision to attract people because you can't do it alone.

I look for these when I meet founders.

Despite having all this, success is not a guarantee. But the thing I love the most about 0 to 1 investing is this very uncertainty. Quantum physics taught me that uncertainty is not a bug, but a feature of life.

Beyond uncertainty lies magic.


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