Tracxn is a technology and data platform that provides market intelligence data for private companies and startups. The company’s platform is used by venture capitalists, private equity firms, investment banks, and corporates to track the world’s most innovative companies and startups. The company provides a range of services, including market research, data analytics, and insights into emerging trends and technologies. Tracxn is headquartered in India and has a global presence, with over 850 clients across the world.


Weekday is a recruitment startup that helps companies hire engineers who are vouched by other software engineers. The company’s platform is a sourcing engine on auto-pilot, enabling startups to discover and hire pre-vetted engineers while providing engineers an opportunity to earn passive income by leveraging their network and recommending fellow developers for job opportunities.


OTPLess is a user authentication solution that provides a secure and convenient way for users to sign in without the need for traditional one-time passwords (OTPs). OTPless offers a revolutionary one-tap sign-in solution that eliminates the need for passwords and OTPs. It is a fast, simple, and secure login experience that boosts conversion rates and keeps customers happy. It provides users with control over their personal data and the ability to choose what information to share.


Orbitshift combines sales intelligence with salesforce capability building at every stage of deal lifecycle to build sustainable competitive advantage for your organization. Their SaaS solution can be used as standalone application or can be integrated with CRM to generate targeted insights for the salesperson.


Kula is an outbound recruitment automation platform that simplifies recruiting efforts by automating tasks like sending introductory recruitment messages, and surfaces promising leads from the first-degree connections of an organization’s employees, making recruiting easy, sleek, and powerful. The platform provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing recruiters to track the success of their outreach efforts and make data-driven decisions.


Drivetrain is a SaaS startup that provides a financial planning and monitoring platform for growing businesses and enterprises. The platform helps businesses predictably scale and achieve their targets by offering features such as business planning, decision-making tools, and target achievement tracking. Drivetrain aims to simplify managing financial health in real time and making confident decisions more efficiently.


CloudFeather Games is an online gaming startup providing developers with real-money gaming and Web3 tools. They are building a suite of competitive formats that provide developers with a new way of monetization beyond in-app purchases and ads. CloudFeather Games counts 9stacks, Baazi Games, Nostragamus, and BalleBaazi among its clients.