Wishfin is an online marketplace offering consumer loan comparison platform. The platform allows users to compare rates and apply for loans and credit cards online. Users can also check the Interest rates, EMI, and repayment options. It also offers comparisons for health insurance, mutual funds, savings accounts, and more.


Pazago is a comprehensive toolkit for cross border trade, covering trade management, payment protection and supply chain visibility


CheQ provides a personalised credit health management platform. The platform provides a convenient and secure way for individuals to track, manage, and pay their unsecured credit bills in one place. Users can enjoy the rewards offered by CheQ, such as earning 1% CheQ Chips on every payment, which can be redeemed for vouchers or converted to cash.

grip invest

Grip Invest is an investor-first, technology-driven, and transparency-focused platform that offers regulated unique and curated investment opportunities beyond traditional options like stocks, fixed deposits, and gold. The platform provides seamless digital KYC, e-sign, and payment experiences. The platform allows investors to build their dream investment portfolio by choosing from various investment options.


Wealthy is a wealth management platform that enables professionals to grow wealth for investors. Wealthy allows investors to invest in mutual funds, fixed deposits, MLDs, pre-IPO, and PMS through its wealth partners. The platform has a mobile app that allows investors to choose from over 800 products and track all their mutual fund investments in one place. Client assets worth $450 million are currently being managed on the platform.


OkCredit is a mobile-based solution for small business owners and their customers to facilitate the recording of credit/payment transactions. It is India’s first digital bahi khata app, which is absolutely free of cost and useful for business owners struggling to manage their credit accounts. OkCredit is helping millions of SMBs across India manage their credit and receivables, and it uses a simple and easily accessible digital interface tailored to small businesses.


FamPay is a fintech startup that provides neobanking services for teenagers in India, enabling teenagers to make online and offline payments, including through UPI and P2P transactions, without needing a bank account. The startup aims to provide financial literacy to teenagers and make lessons about money fun for youngsters through gamification.


Let’s Venture is an Indian online investment platform for early-stage startups. Founded in 2013, it is India’s most active and trusted online investment platform for early-stage startups. The platform enables investors to discover, connect, and invest in leading growth-stage startups, pre-IPOs tech companies, and funds. Over 350 startups from India, Singapore, and the USA trust the platform with their cap table and ESOP management. Let’s Venture has created a trusted online investment ecosystem for early-stage startups, connecting them with investors and providing them with the necessary support to grow their businesses.